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Welfare Activities in malda ftr:-

Malda Frontier undertakes a large number of welfare activities to ameliorate the sufferings of its personnel and their family members.

1. Family Welfare Center - There is one welfare centre in Frontier HQ. The centre supplements the income of the families of BSF personnel and also imparts vocational training. The vocational training helps the BSF family even after retirement. The welfare centre fabricate uniforms for other sister organizations.

2. BWWA STD PCO - ..............................................

3. CPC Canteen - At present there is no CPC canteen facility inside the campus however proposal is under consideration for one CPC canteen facility. There is small canteen with in the campus of 69 Bn/87 Bn BSF.

4. BSF Band - There is a proposal for BSF Band team at Malda frontier.

5. Gymnasium - One gymnasium hall will be created with in the campus in near future. That is equipped with all latest equipment?s and technologies.

6. Cable Connection - Cable connection facility is there within the campus of Frontier HQ BSF Malda.

7. Family Quarters - Malda Frontier has number of family quarters located in 87/183/69 location and also at Ftr HQ location. BSF personnel those are performing their duties in the CI role and indo-bangla border have kept their family in the family quarter allotted to them in the Ftr HQ. From where they may continue the study of their children in Civil school or centre school. Family quarters provide.

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