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Regular training of troops was going on at all the location of the respective units except those which are in IS duties.

Courses and Cadres run by Malda frontier :-

1. Hindi course - BSF comprising of men drawn from all the states, speaking different languages with diverse cultural backgrounds. There are many person comes from south India and north east. They are professionally not sound in Hindi. So Hindi course is run by the frontier to impart them the knowledge of Hindi so that they may perform well in every duty that has been given to them.

2. Computer Course -   As the implementation of Intranet prahari Project is almost in the final stage. There is more requirement of IT trained personnel in each and every branch. Inorder to make fully functional of IPP, every employee have the knowledge of computer. Ftr HQ Malda has started to give training to its manpower in computer up to the unit level. Various computer courses at frontier level are being run by the Malda frontier for all ranks. The courses are as below.

a. Basic Computer Course: - For the basic knowledge about the computer.
Course duration: - 02 weeks.
b. Computer Hardware and Networking: - For the maintenance of computer, computer lab and Networking by NIIT Rep at each location.
Course duration: - 04 weeks.
c. Cyber Security:- For imparting training how the system is compromise and what are the precaution are to be taken various levels.
Course duration: - 01 weeks. (07 working days).






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