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Malda Frontier was raised on 1st Sept 2010 after bifurcating Sector Malda from South Bengal frontier and Sector Raiganj from North Bengal Frontier under the command of Shri M.S.Malhi, IG Ftr HQ Malda.

Initially There were were 6 Bns under SHQ Malda and 3 Bns under SHQ Raiganj, a total of 9 Bns and 2 Sectors under Malda Ftr.

Along with Ftr HQ Malda 2 new Bns are also raised, one under SHQ Malda and one under SHQ Raiganj. The Ftr HQ is raised at Narayanpur Malda the location of 183 Bn BSF. The new 125 Bn BSF was raised at location of 123 Bn BSF at Farrakha and 134 Bn BSF was raised at location of 23 BN BSF at Panjipara.

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